Moving to the country was the best decision we ever made.  MOVING, on the other hand, sucked.  Looking back to the summer of 2010, I can't believe our sanities and marriage remained in tact.   The sale of our house in town went smoothly - TOO smoothly - and that must have set off the course of events that followed. 

Nothing about the purchase of this Iowa County property went right.  We had to get out of our sold home without any flexibility with the timeframe.  We had a realtor showing us properties that were complete disasters.  We found THIS property and then couldn't get in to see it because the renters wouldn't cooperate.  There were miscommunications with the bank about costs, money that had to be borrowed from retirement funds, a moving company that couldn't get our possessions down the driveway in a semi truck we TOLD them wouldn't fit, a seller who wouldn't fix anything, an insurance company that cancelled our home insurance without notification over a wood stove...  

Woo, there goes my blood pressure just typing this!  DEEP. CLEANSING. BREATHS.

But now sitting here at my laptop with cats, dogs and family sitting by a roaring fire, I think about the awesome sunsets on the deck listening to the peeping frogs and watching the lightning bugs.  The discovery of flowers long buried under weeds.  Our Labs cooling off in the trout stream on a hot day.  Bonfires and camp-outs with friends and family.   The constant array of new birds arriving at our feeders and watching the boys try to identify them.  Our vegetable garden going completely insane with growth.   Expanding our collection of rescued animals to include two dogs, four cats, a surly rabbit and three lovely hens who lay the prettiest little eggs  you've ever seen.

Even when the mowers won't start, there's a chicken stranded on the garage roof or we're snowed in until next Thursday, we still pinch each other and say, "Holy crap, this is OURS.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?"

There is no question that to truly appreciate the good, we must experience the bad. ( We screw up a lot so we are two of the most appreciative people you will ever meet).   And frankly, we're going to have to learn to suck it up, good or bad, because we are NEVER.  MOVING.  AGAIN.

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